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Matteo Mascanzoni is a multilingual genre writer from the romantic city of Verona, Italy. He has worked as a Resort Entertainer, a Receptionist, a Travel Agent, and a Flight Attendant just so he could explore the world’s wonders and live between the Great Barrier Reef, the Andes, and the eradicated Berlin Wall. Grateful for the varied experiences he infuses in his storytelling, he leaped into his latest chapter, moving to the land of dreams, Hollywood. He completed a Producing Certificate at UCLA Extension and interned at Literary Management Company before working on multiple sets to unlock the secrets of moviemaking. Currently, Matteo writes about actually solvable mysteries with the magical help of his diverse, international, quirky characters, who helped him place as a Finalist at the 2022 Austin Film Festival. Matteo was once hypnotized and relived his past life as a murderous pageboy in 1874 Paris, but he’s pretty sure he has grown out of the “killer in jester shoes” part.


Berlin, Germany

Los Angeles, CA

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