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austin film festival finalist matteo mascanzoni

TV Portfolio

Blessed (or cursed) with a fervid imagination and a passion for ordinary people in supernatural situations, Matteo created a whole galaxy comprising the following orbiting worlds…


After a hardened, grown orphan discovers he descends from a long line of time travelers, he must face his father’s death in order to erase his vengeful scientist killer from existence and prevent a disastrous old prophecy from actualizing.

Matteo Mascanzoni's TV writing portofolio - everything happens for a reason EHFAR


When four self-centered homemakers are possessed by magical abilities, they struggle to keep their mundane from going insane while protecting the unwanted secret from a powerful corporation.

Matteo Mascanzoni's Writing Portfolio TV Show - Supermundane
Cover Image by Juliette Poirier


In search of her genetic origins, a co-dependent reporter untangles a secluded Island Resort’s web of secrets and unearths her magical connection to a threatening, alternate world.

Matteo Mascanzoni's tv writing portofolio - secrets island


A manic immigrant fights against unjust politics and social bigotry to take her rightful place in the medieval Dutch town of Haarlem.

Based on the painting “Malle Babbe” by Frans Hals.

c. 1633/35. Oil on canvas, 75 x 64 cm, l. Gemäldegalerie, Berlin

Short Films

Here are a few shorts from separate universes, each at a different stage of production…


(Proof of concept for tv drama – in development)

After a premature death, a selfish, over-sexed priest must atone for his sins by guiding a young, closeted Mussolini toward self-acceptance, thus saving humanity from its grim fate and himself from eternal damnation. 

Inspired by Dante Alighieri’s “The Divine Comedy” .



When God and the Devil come across an ambiguous human soul, they must collaborate to decide if she belongs in hell or heaven; otherwise, the Universe will cease to exist.

Directed by Marie Rouhban
Written by Matteo Mascanzoni
Produced by Matteo Mascanzoni and Marie Rouhban
(from Concept to Final Product in less than 48 Hours)



A romantic International student struggles with his big city fears during one of LA’s threat alerts.

Matteo Mascanzoni Scared - Short Film



A Documentary about a carefree 89-year-old Italian woman who narrates her journey toward hard-earned freedom between war, a bigoted husband, and countless losses.

Check out Matteo’s The Umbrella Academy” Spec, which was a FINALIST in the 2022 AUSTIN FILM FESTIVAL.